It’s all about the language…..

It seems like I’ve been preparing for this trip for eons. I started with Italian classes on Saturdays with Petra over two years ago. I quickly found that getting up early on a Saturday was tough, and the difficulty was compounded by believing I could actually think in another language when my brain was still cozy in bed. So, I left my wonderful teacher and Saturday amici and started new individual classes with Elisabetta on Tuesday nights after work. While this time is so much better for my brain, I miss Petra and the Saturday buddies. So when Petra invited us to get together for a “pot-luck”… I jumped at the chance. Here are some pictures of Petra and my Saturday buddies, doing something that is universally loved: Eating!

There is something about Italy….

Today I borrow from Pappalecco’s Blog because he says it so well: There is something about Italysomething that I would like you to experience. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. It’s something that goes back in time, something that our predecessors created a long time ago, something that has shaped the growth of the humanity and changed the course of its action, its energy and spirit, forever.  There is something about Italy that is unspeakable, untranslatable into words. A certain light, a certain smell, a certain smile, quietness… Something that perhaps doesn’t want to be unveiled until one gets there, a secret.

Well said Pappalecco.