Fancy a little wild boar?

This is Osteria Del  Cinghiale Bianco, the restaurant in the Oltrarno district in Florence where we ate before heading over to the Arno to take pictures. It looks like so many other restaurants throughout the area.  When we got there, we were very early by Italian standards – around 6:00pm.  They grudgingly gave us a…

Sunset, the Arno and Me.

Sunset on the beautiful Arno river in Firenze in May 2012.  On one of our the last nights of our tour in Tuscany we headed across the bridge to the Oltrarno district and had a quick dinner at Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco, which was quite good.  We made it a quick dinner because we wanted…

Somewhere in Tuscany. Doing what I love.

Tuscany has to be one of the best photographic experiences.  I would say “the best” but  cooking ranks up there somewhere, right?  So grab your camera and your plane ticket, Tuscany awaits you!  If you are looking for tour recommendations, check the main page of my website,  I have some links to different tours…

Lock away your heart. In Italy.

Beautiful locks of love found on the Via dell’Amore in Cinque Terre, a beautiful pathway that hangs on the cliffs of the Liguran coastline and connects the two towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola.  I took this picture in May of 2012.

A Little Risotto

Soft food doesn’t need to be boring. Risotto fits the bill quite nicely. When I was in Italy last year I purchased a lovely handmade risotto pot from Cesare in Montepulciano. He’s one of Italy’s last coppersmiths – made the whole thing by hand. It’s heavy and beautiful!