From Nancy Harmon Jenkins: Mediterranean Pizza is Healthy

medpizzaiandme In an effort to retool my eating habits, I recently purchased the  New Mediterranean Cookbook by Nancy Harmon Jenkins. If you don’t have it, you should take a look.  This excerpt is from her latest article on healthy pizza in Zestor Daily

“Sun, Sea & Olives: Pizza is health food? Yes, it is, at least in the Mediterranean, and that doesn’t mean pizza with beans and tofu, either.  Make dough with part whole-wheat flour, keep the toppings simple, don’t overload the cheese, and truly you will have something good to eat, simple to make and totally nourishing. ”  Read the rest of the article via Pizza Can Be Healthy? It Is, If You Make It Mediterranean | Dough | Sauce | Nancy Harmon Jenkins.


  1. EmilyAnn Frances

    Belated New Year’s Greetings. Welcome back! This is a good way to bring us all back to the blog–Italian food is always a big draw!


    1. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you too!


  2. This is very true! Did you get any recipes for sfincione passed down in your family? I regard that as the true Sicilian pizza, and it’s very “light”….
    Thought it’s also true that Sicilians do adore their grease. I exposed the flabby truth on my blog a while back 🙂


    1. Thanks… I’ve never made sfincione…I need to try it!


  3. Since it has been some time since your post, what new receipes have you made and loved!?


    1. HI Susan! No big news to report….. I need to get with the program🙂


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