Charm and Grace. Buonanotte Lecce.

Have you ever been to Puglia? Lecce is a charming city nestled in the heel of the Italian boot.  She turns on her charm on warm summer evenings.

Stop by a local shop to taste a local favorite wine – Salice Salentino – and enjoy the moment. Salice Salentino is a red wine produced mainly from the Negroamaro grape. Do not miss this or your evening passeggiata.

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  1. frankieandgiuseppe says:

    Hello. I haven’t been but it’s high on my list. I love the glow of those white paving stones at night.


    1. I had such a good time…it’s magical.


  2. Lecce is amazing! Despite we are passionate about the whole Puglia region, Lecce is one of our favourite spots. Glamorous, vibrant, noble and full of exciting things to do and see, you will always find a good reason to take a city break there!


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