Great Recipe for Carabaccia. Italian Onion Soup.


From Our Italian Table. Here’s something I didn’t know about.  Grazie for a wonderful post!  Click the link below to read the rest and get the recipe.

“The Italians have their own version of the infamous French onion soup – ‘carabaccia’. In fact, rumor has it that Caterina de’Medici actually brought her Tuscan chefs to France and actually created the first ‘French’ onion soup. ”  See the full article here:  Carabaccia, A Humble Onion Soup, Italian-style – Our Italian Table | Our Italian Table.


    1. me too. I LOVE onion soup.


      1. so, can you see “Housewrighter” now for my comments?


      2. OK, so making some progress. now just have to get the comments working for my site🙂


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