Cicchetti in Venice, A Tasty Treat

Hello. It’s me. Yes, it’s been awhile but I’m back!  Since I last posted I’ve been on many journeys.  Up and down in Spain, Tuscany and Rome again, Venice for the first time and to the Friuli region of Italy.   The photo above is from Venice where the Spritz reigns king. Here you can see…

Puglia Series: Sunshine in Gallipoli

Dive deeper into Puglia. – to the clear waters of the Ionian Sea to find the seaside down of Gallipoli. An easy day trip from Lecce.  Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Climbing to the Sky

While in Caltabellotta, Sicily, we hiked up to the highest peak. The view was tremendous, from La Chiesa della Madrice to the ocean and everywhere in between.

Sunset, the Arno and Me.

Sunset on the beautiful Arno river in Firenze in May 2012.  On one of our the last nights of our tour in Tuscany we headed across the bridge to the Oltrarno district and had a quick dinner at Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco, which was quite good.  We made it a quick dinner because we wanted…

Somewhere in Tuscany. Doing what I love.

Tuscany has to be one of the best photographic experiences.  I would say “the best” but  cooking ranks up there somewhere, right?  So grab your camera and your plane ticket, Tuscany awaits you!  If you are looking for tour recommendations, check the main page of my website,  I have some links to different tours…

Pizza. Crunchy and Delightful.

This is the pizza we had in Donnini, a quaint little town in Tuscany. Today I yearn for it, perhaps because I cannot have it. It is the day after my dental surgery.  The picture will have to do.

Of Kittens and Spicy Polenta

Let me introduce you to my 10 week old kitten, Bella.  Oh, and that’s spicy Tuscan ragu drizzled on top of hearty polenta.

I will make Orecchietti

This summer when I travel to Puglia I hope to learn to make orecchietti. They are shaped like little ears. The name is derived from the combination of orecchio (ear) and etto (small).   Chances are, the next time you travel to Italy and take a cooking class,  you will be given the opportunity to…

Vegetables, Fresh Vegetables

What is biggest reason that food just tastes SO good in Italy?  Fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s right, you heard me. Think about sinking your teeth into ripened tomatoes garnished with basil and balsamic vinegar.  Go ahead and gobble down fruit that tastes like a childhood memory of ripe freshly cut peaches.  Now more than…

Some say Cantucci.

If you have been to Tuscany you have had cantucci! Also known as biscotti, a word that originates from the medieval Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice-cooked/baked.”  Often served with Vin Santo after a meal.  Go ahead and dunk it, it’s delicious.