So much to see, so little time……

So, last night I had dinner at my mom’s house and thought I would take that opportunity to ask her what I should see while I’m in Florence.  She used to teach art history so she knows a thing or two about it.  While I knew that Florence has a remarkable treasure trove of interesting art, I wasn’t prepared for the list of “must-do’s”  – just in the Uffizi alone you could spend days, weeks and even years!! Not to mention the Pitti Palace, the Duomo… and… and..  I’m breathless. I left last night with 3 large history of art books tucked under my arm.  I have some studying to do!

Finding the perfect walking shoes…..and other fairy tales.

In a perfect world there would be perfect walking shoes. Or so I keep thinking. A while back I noticed that the shoe stores had stopped carrying my shoe size. “Do you have this one in a five and a half?” I’d ask, dangling my latest find under their nose. I wasn’t prepared for the answer. “Oh, we don’t carry that size anymore.” It was like they had erased me, banished me to the corner, sent me to bed without dinner. Something just didn’t add up. But it was true, they had stopped carrying my size. And, this was true in retail stores and online. And the awful truth was that many manufacturers had stopped MAKING size five and half. So, now I am banished to shop in my pajamas in front of the computer. All I can say is this… thank god for! Now that my Italy trip is three months away, I’ve started shopping for my perfect walking shoes. That means I order 5 pairs or more at a time, have them shipped to the house, try them on and send them back. All, until I find the perfect substitute for the perfect shoe. I spent my last trip in Merrell Jungle Mocs. Heaven in a shoe. I’m buying these again. But I’d also like some walking sandals or summer shoes. So the search goes on.

Pre Trip Log: Testing the iPad

Those of you who know me aren’t surprised. Yes. I’m geeky about technology. Love it. So when I found an application for my iPad that would allow me to easily create posts AND insert photos from my camera I was excited! I’m testing this today to see how it works. Seems easy enough and not complicated. For my other techno geek friends, here’s the setup: one iPad (mine is first generation but I’d have to assume it will work with the iPad 2 also), one Eye-Fi wireless sd card for my cannon s95 camera, Eye-Fi iPad application, an iPad application called Blogsy, and a Flicker account. Essentially it works like this: stream pictures from your camera to Flicker via the iPad (alternatively you could upload straight to the iPad but that takes up space!). Then use the Blogsy application on the iPad to write the story and a neat little feature in Blogsy that ties you to your Flicker account….this allows you to easily pick a photo and insert it. Oh and you will need internet access through the iPad or wireless.  Hit publish and you are done. This post is my first test.

Expect the unexpected……

It has taken me most of my adult life to learn how to enjoy my lunch hour during the work day. I know, it sounds crazy.  But I think I’ve spent all my working years with thoughts racing through my head about projects or problems and I could not figure out how to turn them off during the lunch hour.  That has changed.  Now I sit in the sun. I read. I let my mind wander to Italy. Right now I’m reading book called “Italy, A Love Story” – a wonderful collection of essays where women write about their Italian experience. Each story is personal and moving and nothing ever turns out as expected.  A woman hoping to reunite with her lover, dumps him in favor of spending time on the sofa watching television with his mom and listening to her stories. Others go in hopes of eating a local sea urchin delicacy only to find themselves drawn to the immense historical context of the area that they failed in their search to find the urchins. As I read these stories I can’t help but wonder what unexpected turn my trip to Italy will take.