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Tour recommendations from my travels & some random lists of things that will help make your travels fun and worry free.

So you want to use your cell phone, iPad, etc.  Here are some helpful hints and links:

US Cell Phone Companies:

Verizon: This is the cell company I use so I can offer a bit more insight. Verizon has introduced a great new international plan (data and voice) which essentially let’s you sign up and then choose which day you want to use it. $10 a for every 24 hours of use.  Good for those that don’t want to fuss with a sim card – but it can get pricey if you have an extended trip.

: Sign up for the Verizon international before you leave, even if you think you might buy a local sim card.  If you don’t use it, you won’t pay a thing. This will keep down your extra charges if you can’t get the sim right away and give you a good backup plan if you can’t get the sim card to work.

Here are links to other cell services: AT&T  Sprint T-Mobile  I’ve heard that T-Mobile has free data around the world but some complain that they throttle speed. You may want to check this out.



This can be confusing to some, but under most circumstances, texting will either cost you or the person you send the text to money. If you have access to wireless or a data plan it can be super easy to make this free to all. Just use WhatsApp or Facebook Messaging.

Italy Tip: If you have purchased an international sim card for Italy, you can text to get a cab.   So much easier than calling, especially if your Italian isn’t great.  Just text your current address to the phone number below. You will receive a text back either confirming the service and how many minutes it will arrive and the name and number of the taxi OR a note saying that no taxis are available at this time. To the right is an example of what to expect – green is what you would text. Roma (Rome) Via Levanna (street name) 13 (number on street)

Italy Taxi Text Numbers: 
Rome: +39 3666730000
Florence: +39 334662255


TOURS and Guides

 Wish List

I’m forever keeping a list of tours and classes I want to attend.  I haven’t done them yet, but I have them here for your consideration. (coming soon)

Tours & Classes I’ve Loved

This list includes those tours/guides/classes that I have personally experienced and loved, each is special in it’s own way.

Divina Cucina

Divina Cucina is Judy Witts-Francini – the Diva of Toscana who’s unending knowledge of all things Tuscan is truly amazing. Food, wine, culture, history and pop-culture all rolled up into a fun guide and friend

Rome with Sophie

A delightful roaming street food tour in Rome with Sophie Minchilli. I sat on the steps of Chiesa San Luigi dei Francesi I wondered if I would recognize her

Katie Parla

Katie Parla is a walking dictionary of Roman food. She talks about it’s history with such clarity, you would think she lived it.