Marinated Summer Squash Salad

Version 2

Recently attended a lunch at Mozza Restaurant in Newport Beach celebrating Nancy Silverton’s new book Mozza at Home.  It was so interesting to hear Nancy tell the stories of her food.  Read more

San Diego Little Italy Mercato

Next time you are in San Diego on a Saturday, make a point to stop by the open air Little Italy Mercato.  Every Saturday 8am -2pm on West Cedar Street, between Kettner Blvd. and Front Street. Read more

Little Italy in San Francisco

Grant Street, San Fransicso
Christmas Lights on Grant Street, Little Italy in San Francisco

I was born in San Francisco.  When I take one of those silly quizzes that ask you all sorts of odd questions about what you like to do, they always ends up telling me I should move back.  Maybe. Maybe some day. Read more