Time and Time Again

So I’ve now been flying over 10 hours and I have to say its really not been that bad thanks to my trusty iPad. I have spent many hours watching “The Good Wife”, a television series I hadn’t watched before. I don’t watch much television so these kinds of trips give me an opportunity to catch up. Last time I went to Europe I watched multiple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. While waiting to board the plane at LAX, I met a young Italian woman from Venice, going home to visit her mother and grandmother. Interestingly she is attending Occidental College in Eagle Rock. This is the same college my grandmother attended. Time does stand still sometimes. Especially on airplanes.


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  1. Miss Leslie says:

    Bonjourno Miss Beth. . .. .just was thinking about Italy and though I would check your blog to see how you are doing. Glad that the flight isn’t too bad (yea!) Enjoy your exciting adventure! It’s pretty quiet at the office since Paul is away at ACWA. Later ; O ) Leslie


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