Somewhere in Tuscany. Doing what I love.

nfquibekypomunzpftqq8rTuscany has to be one of the best photographic experiences.  I would say “the best” but  cooking ranks up there somewhere, right?  So grab your camera and your plane ticket, Tuscany awaits you!  If you are looking for tour recommendations, check the main page of my website,  I have some links to different tours and such listed.  See what you think.

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  1. Italy is incredible and you are wonderful………………..nice blog keep up the good work hope you like mine enjopy PICBliss


      1. awww…thanks


  2. marialarese says:

    I love Tuscany, but the Veneto kitchen it’s delitious.. i published some recipes of my grandmother… visit my blog if u want to try a very mountain taste 🙂


    1. Thank you Marialarese…,and I’m going to visit your blog for the recipes!


  3. cappannelle says:

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    Love it!!!


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