Texting for a Cab in Italy

With the recent news that Italy has banned Uber, here’s an easy way to call a cab while in Rome or Florence by using a text message.  This is a great tip when your language skills are limited to “Grazie” and “Prego”.

Italian Sim Card: If you have purchased an international sim card for Italy, you can text to get a cab.  This is so much easier than calling, especially if your Italian isn’t great.  Just text your current address to the phone number below. You will receive a text back either confirming the service and how many minutes it will arrive and the name and number of the taxi OR a note saying that no taxis are available at this time.  Underneath this is an example of what to expect – green is what you would text. Roma (Rome) Via Patestro (street name) 3 (number on street).

Example of texting a message to call a cab in Rome

Italy Taxi Text Numbers:
Rome: +39 3666730000
Florence: +39 334662255

U.S Cellphone Carrier: You have to be careful sending a text message in Italy because, unless you have purchased an Italian sim card (and you are relying on your US cell phone carrier, texting will either cost you or the person you send the text to money.  You can get around this if you have access to wireless or a data plan by using WhatsApp or Facebook Messaging.

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