All Roads Lead Up

Caltebellotta, Sicilia is an intriguing place that will steal your heart and your breath.

Just One Bite.

An evening in Firenze…. that’s all it took. Photo taken in June 2016.

Roma. Roma. Roma

The Colosseum in all it’s splendor. I arrived early and watched the sun come up behind it… rising into the blue sky.

Corzano e Paterno Winery

Corzano e Paterno Winery, located about halfway between Florence and Siena in Toscana. It’s more than just wine!

San Clemente Pier

San Clemente, CA. Sometimes we just need to unwind… the sea works wonders.

Caving In. Puglia Sea Adventure

More from Grotta Palazzese.  A memorable evening in the Puglia seaside town of Polignano a Mare.  If you plan on going, make sure to check their schedule as it varies with the time of year.