For Love and Superga

Nothing says love like a warm kitten and a pair of pink Superga shoes!  Happy Valentines day from Italy and Me. Buona giornata!              

Ode to Italian Undies.

Do you ever wonder what Italians think of our endless fascination with their laundry? We go on vacation armed with our best cameras…

Fancy a little wild boar?

This is Osteria Del  Cinghiale Bianco, the restaurant in the Oltrarno district in Florence where we ate before heading over to the Arno to take pictures. It looks like so many other restaurants throughout the area.  When we got there, we were very early by Italian standards – around 6:00pm.  They grudgingly gave us a…

Of Kittens and Spicy Polenta

Let me introduce you to my 10 week old kitten, Bella.  Oh, and that’s spicy Tuscan ragu drizzled on top of hearty polenta.