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Ode to Italian Undies.

Do you ever wonder what Italians think of our endless fascination with their laundry?  We go on vacation armed with our best cameras but, alas, we seem to ignore the beautiful countryside in favor of taking picture after picture of their undies suspended high above our heads.

So, this picture is my ode to Italian underwear.  I think the juxtaposition of the laundry and the old building makes a good picture.  What say you?  This photo was taken in Pienza in May of 2012.

21 thoughts on “Ode to Italian Undies.

  1. Is any particular city regarded as having the best hanging undies? I got some great hanging undies shots in Naples a few years back. Are they allowed to do this in Milan?


  2. I love these kind of shots. And I second westiedad’s query. Is the practice of hanging out the laundry prohibited in any cities???


  3. I love to see clothelines full of freshly washed clothes on a bright, sunny day. I like this photo. It’s a good reminder that people still live and do things apart from the high tech world.


  4. Ha! This is so true. I must admit that I’ve taken scores of pictures of Italian laundry as well. I don’t know why that is. In the U.S. there are many places that have local ordinances against using clotheslines because it’s thought to be an “eyesore,” and yet in Italy, American tourists find it fascinating and beautiful. Go figure!


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