Carabinieri. Searching for My Italian Style.

While in Florence for the annual Gelato Festival, I spied these handsome gents sporting that ever so illusive jaunty Italian style.  All I can surmise is that it’s either in the espresso or the genes.  I think I will have another cup, please.

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  1. bakeritalia says:

    :] gelato festival???? How did I miss that??


    1. Oh yes… every May in Florence. Not to be missed!


      1. bakeritalia says:

        Ok I’ll catch next years festivities, thank you for letting me know!!


  2. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    My Mom used to say that there’s something about a man in uniform….


    1. Especially if they have a twinkle in their eye 🙂 But then the uniform doesn’t matter. LOL


  3. evelynhill27 says:

    Oh they are my favoritee


    1. Charming aren’t they? 🙂


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