New Year – New Beginnings


Buon Anno! Starting the New Year with my photo featured on the cover of Romeing Magazine. I took this photo from the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome during my last trip in November 2019. With a circulation of over 30,000 – what an incredible honor!

Photography is one of my passions but I continue to struggle to find my voice. I’d like to shoot things that speak to me, say something, leave you with a feeling or a thought. Not just a pretty picture. This year I added a couple of days on to my Italy trip to spend in Rome, by myself, taking photos. I found it easier to wander and photograph when I was in less of a hurry or did not have a specific destination. I think I’ll try and plan more of these kinds of trips. I’m used to traveling alone. What do you plan do to in 2020

In the stillness of the morning without the hustle and bustle of tourists, Rome is still alive.

Here’s another of my photos from this trip was also featured by Italy Magazine in their Instagram feed. Follow me!


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