How I Experience Rome

These jolly fellows struck a jaunty pose when I asked if I could take their photograph.

Here are some fairly typical things to see when out and about in Rome. One of my favorite things is to just walk wherever my feet take me. Exploring tiny streets, looking in the doorways of neighborhood restaurants and experiencing the sounds of the city. I’m not a big city person, but Rome can become your small city if you think about it in terms of neighborhoods. I never plan a trip just to Rome, I use Rome as my landing and leaving point when traveling to other parts of Italy.

I add on a couple of days in Rome at the beginning of my trip to get over jet lag and have my first gelato. At the end of my trip I add on a couple of days to spend my time wandering, resting and reflecting on the joy of travel. It’s a good time to do some people watching and photography. In the past I would try to schedule another cooking class, a concert, another day tour or another side trip. I’ve learned it’s better to go at a slower pace at the end of my trips. Rome is a perfect place for this. What’s your perfect way to travel? How do YOU experience Rome?

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  1. Julia says:

    My favorite way to experience Rome is to have no plan 😊. I’m fortunate to have been numerous times, so my husband and I don’t have to do the “touristy” things. We usually spend a week and do one or two things we haven’t done; last trip, we went to the Baths of Caracalla and the Jewish Ghetto for an amazing lunch at da Giggetto. I think Rome is best when savored slowly.

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    1. Love da Giggetto!!! Unfortunately I’m never there when artichokes are in season 😦


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