Caffè in Italia

Nothing screams Italy more than a great cup of espresso. On my last trip to Rome I stayed near the Pantheon and the famed Sant’Eustachio coffee bar. Oh what a joy. They have some proprietary method for making espresso and cappuccino that yields an amazing dark foam substance – they even have a magical way of pre-sugaring the drink. It’s one of the best I’ve every had. I went back several times. The rest of the photos are from places on the Amalfi coast. I love the way each restaurant has it’s own cups.

Cheers from Tenuta Vannulo – home of buffalo mozzarella.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Sant’ Eustacchio has the most amazing coffee I’ve ever tasted! I was only able to get there once, but on my next trip to Rome, a few more visits would be welcome. Did you try a marocchino anywhere? It’s a Roman specialty, delicious!


    1. Hi!! No, I didn’t try a marocchino – is that something to get in Rome? I did not know….


      1. Yes, it’s an espresso topped with thick melted chocolate, then whipped cream. It’s amazing! It’s a Roman thing, but presumably you can get it elsewhere in Italy. Very sweet, but worth a try.


      2. Sounds yummy!!! I thought that came from a different region….


  2. db035 says:

    I walked by here yesterday but didn’t stop, I guess I’m going back today!

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    1. So….. how was it?

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      1. db035 says:

        It was good, it wasn’t quite as warm as it was when your picture was taken. I’m guessing that it was about 4 or 5 degrees which made the hot coffee even better. The coronatto al pistacchio was excellent! Thanks for the recommendation.

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      2. It sounds perfect. Now I’m jealous! You are most welcome and enjoy your travels. Buon viaggio!


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